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Soldiering On(1)

Book #0.5

I’m writing a Romantic Suspense series called ‘Soldering On’ about a group of military men and women that were injured in the war, so decide to open up their own security company to show the world they’ve still got what it takes. I currently have three full-length books and two novellas available for purchase, with more to come! You can find more information about each release in the navigation above under ‘books’.

Station Alpha Aislinn Kearns

Book #1

I also blog about my writing, books (including reviews), tropes, romance novels, give some writing advice, and anything else that takes my fancy. If there is a topic you want me to cover, or just want to send me a message (I always love to chat!), don’t hesitate to use the contact page.

Soldiering On 2(4)

Book #2

Feel free to have a browse around! Links should be pretty self-explanatory.

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