Christmas Tango Is Available For Preorder!


Some of you may have already noticed, but Christmas Tango is now available for preorder!

A Soldiering On Novella

It’s nearly Christmas, and the last thing Duncan wants is to be dragged to a fancy party and made to play nice. And yet Mandy—his business partner and bane of his existence—somehow convinces him to attend a charity auction with her so they can scout potential clients.

Duncan is looking for an escape from the festivities when vicious armed men take over the building, trapping Mandy in a deadly situation. With no way to call for help, Duncan is the only one that can save her.

No weapons, a bad leg, and a growing realisation of his feelings for Mandy.


Author’s note: This novella can be read as a standalone, but may be more enjoyable to those that have read the previous Soldiering On books. This book ends in a HFN for Duncan and Mandy. Their story will conclude in the final Soldiering On book in late 2017.

I hope everyone enjoys the story! It’s a short Christmas novella featuring Duncan and Mandy, and it was so much fun to write. Fun fact: in my original plan for the Soldiering On series, this novella didn’t even feature. But the idea grabbed me after I’d finished writing Guarding Sierra and wouldn’t let go!

It came about because Die Hard is one of my favourite Christmas movies (and it is a Christmas movie!) and I wanted to do a fun take on it. You’ll find some fun little references to the film if you look hard. Let me know if you spot them!

I’m also doing something a little different with this novella: it will be an Amazon exclusive! Sorry to those that prefer epub titles, but I’d like to try out the Kindle Select option, and this seemed like a good way to do it. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that Amazon tends to be the biggest market for Indie publishers. But if it doesn’t work out for me, Christmas Tango will be available on other sites early next year. I’ll keep you informed!

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I did writing it. Stay tuned for an excerpt later this week!

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