Station Alpha and Guarding Sierra now in print!


Look at that! Aren’t they lovely?

Forgive me for getting momentarily sappy, but when I was a little girl, dreaming of being an author, the image in that dream was having my name on a print book. The author version of my name in lights. And now it’s here!

Having the books as ebooks was a great experience, but there is something super special seeing your name in print. It feels so much more real.


Station Alpha and Guarding Sierra are (obviously!) now available in print!

If you are interested in purchasing them, I just want to let you know that not all royalties are created equal. Due to the way the self-publishing/print on demand thing works, I get a very different royalty rate at different vendors.

While I’m obviously just happy that you are interested in the print book at all, if it is something that may affect your purchasing, I just want to let you know which retailer gives the best cut to authors.

In order of royalty rate (and hence my order of retailer preference):

  1. Createspace
  2. Amazon
  3. Everywhere else

That’s not to say I don’t want you ordering from your regular place if you have one! But you know. I had to put it out there. 🙂

So, yay! Another milestone achieved.

Station Alpha Createspace

Station Alpha Amazon

Guarding Sierra Createspace

Guaring Sierra Amazon

P.S. On Amazon, if you buy the print book, you can get the ebook really cheap through the matchbook program!

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