Review: All I Am by Nicole Helm

All I Am (A Farmers' Market Story, #2)All I Am by Nicole Helm
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book a lot. Some of that was because it was just my favourite kind of dynamic – wounded, virgin, decent hero, and sexually experienced and kind (if a little broken herself) woman. But that’s not to take away from Helm’s skilled writing. She crafted two likeable characters, and I really enjoyed their journey.

Wes is a loner – a hermit, even. He hates people, and his gruff and grumpy demeanour keeps them away. It works out well for everyone, until Cara bursts into his life and starts turning everything around. But she’s got her own issues to deal with.

I don’t think this book will work for everyone. We spend a lot of time in the characters’ heads dealing with their issues. I didn’t mind it because I liked them so much, but I could see it being frustrating for some reasons.

I also wasn’t entirely convinced by Wes’s reasoning for keeping Cara away from his mother. It felt a little like the author was trying to force a ‘black moment’ for her characters.

All in all, though, I really loved this book. It’s everything I could have wanted from one of my favourite dynamics! I definitely found it a lot more enjoyable to read than All I Have by far. Mostly because the characters were more my thing, but also because we didn’t have to deal with such awful secondary characters (unless you count Cara’s “friends”). I did get very emotionally invested in Wes and Cara’s story, and did cry a bit at the end. A great book!

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