Giveaways, Sales, and More! (Oh My!)

I have two big sales on at the moment! Station Alpha is just 99 cents!

This is part of a joint promotion with a bunch of other Indie Authors through Navigating Indieworld. Check out that link, as there are heaps of books by authors in all kinds of genres on sale!

And here’s a fab banner to tempt you! And a giveaway and everything!


The other sale I have on is through Steamy Book Bargains.

This one is to promote books that are ‘Wide’ (aka, not exclusive to Amazon). There’s also a giftcard giveaway to enter for here, so go wild, and grab some books by awesome Indie Authors while you’re at it.

Here’s the super awesome banner to tempt you to this one:


I also have YET ANOTHER sale on this weekend, but I’ll tell you all about it when the time comes. For now, pick up some amazing bargains by awesome Indie Authors!

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