Christmas Giveaway!

For the previous two Christmases, I lived overseas in a country that didn’t really celebrate Christmas at all. So I had no tree, no home-cooked meal for Christmas lunch, and didn’t even unwrap any presents! I missed the traditions more than I can say.

So, this year I’m going all-out. And that includes my author life, too. I’ve signed up to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with 11 other amazing authors. Each of us are doing a personal giveaway for the first 12 days of the month, (Mine is here, on Facebook!) and then each post has a giveaway you can enter to win a $50 Amazon giftcard!

I’m the final day, so all the authors before me have already posted their giveaways. Here are the links to see if you’ve missed any!

Day 1 – Kris Pearson

Day 2 – Joanne Dannon

Day 3 – Cassandra O’Leary

Day 4 – Annie Seaton

Day 5 – Monique McDonell

Day 6 – Kate O’Keeffe

Day 7 – Cathryn Hein

Day 8 – Tracey Alvarez

Day 9 – Leeanna Morgan

Day 10 – Wendy Vella

Day 11 – Charmaine Ross

Day 12 – Aislinn Kearns

For me, I’m giving away a copy of a multi-author anthology I’m a part of. It’s called Romancing the Holidays and has nine Christmas stories within!

This is the blurb for the set:

Curl up by the fire with a glass of mulled wine or hot chocolate and celebrate the magic of Christmas with these nine heart-warming stories about love, hope and family.

There’s something for any reader who loves the romance of Christmas. These sweet novellas are a perfect way to unwind in the busy the holiday season, so pick up your copy today!

And this is the blurb for my story in it:

Winnie Anderson hates Dan Walker. Well, she would if only he didn’t make heart flutter quite so much.

With the annual Christmas lights competition happening in a few weeks, Winnie is determined to beat Dan at his own game. She’s going to create the best display their town has even seen.

But when she breaks her leg, Dan surprises her by stepping up to help her complete her display. And Winnie realises maybe he’s not so bad after all…

I hope you enjoy it, and have a very Happy Holidays this year. Good luck!

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