Undercover Fighter

Underground Fighters #3

undercover fighter cover

Meet the Underground Fighters—men battling it out in illegal cage matches for money. All have their reasons for fighting. But will love be enough to free them?

Wyatt: Tough. Honorable. Secretive.

The man Wyatt used to be is gone. Now, his only focus is to find out what happened to his younger brother. His search leads him to McCready’s door; a powerful man who organizes fights that are illegal…and deadly. As he’s sucked further into McCready’s world he meets Kat, who is sexy, distrustful, and may just be spying on him for McCready.

Kat once lived a normal life—one she hopes she can return to one day. But that was before she traded her life to repay her sister’s debt. Now she spends her days and nights doing whatever McCready orders her to. She can’t risk her potential freedom, not even to help Wyatt, no matter how tempted she might be.

But McCready has his own plans for Kat and Wyatt, plans that force them into an unlikely alliance. As their mutual attraction heats up, they must learn to trust each other to survive. Because McCready is not a man to be trifled with, and those that betray him have a tendency to end up dead…


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