Soldiering On Security Series

The Soldiering On Security series features a group of men and women injured while serving their country. Under the leadership of former Sergeant Major Duncan Pierce, they form a security company – Soldiering On – to prove to the world they still have what it takes.

Soldiering On series features diverse characters saving lives and falling in love along the way.

Reading Order:

Soldiering On: (Soldiering On #0.5) - Duncan and Mandy (Unresolved)

Station Alpha: (Soldiering On #1) - Paul and Christine

Guarding Sierra: (Soldiering On #2) - Blake and Sierra

Dangerous Victor: (Soldiering On #3) - Zack and Radha

Christmas Tango: (Soldiering On #3.5) - Duncan and Mandy (Unresolved)

Hotel Hideaway: (Soldiering On #4) - Sam and Cameron

Whiskey-Eyed Woman: (Soldiering On #5) - Duncan and Mandy (Resolved) + Destiny and Hannah